Batwoman Hydrology Next DC Comics New 52 Collection With Changes, But Deathstroke Still Looms Large (DC Nation, Young Justice Invasion, Cartoon Network, CW’s Arrow, Teen Titans, Batman)

The editorial teen team curse extends to Batwoman.

A lot had made about the Teen Titans trade paperback editorial tweak (see right for comparison panels) that had Tim no longer refer to himself as Batman’s Robin since in Teen Titans #0 it’s revealed he was only ever Red Robin.

In addition, Deathstroke: The Terminator, while a key character in the New 52, has had his pre-Flashpoint New Teen Titans bond severed.

Lastly, DC Comics also revealed the current Teen Titans incarnation was the first and only team with that name in the New 52. Writer Scott Lobdell has indicated as recently as this past summer that:

    “…My feeling is that in the DC New 52, yes, these characters have crossed paths before, but there was no previous version of the Teen Titans… originally there was going to be more history with the Teen Titans, but plans changed along the way, and might change again.

However, continuing a trend of Teen Titan centric trade paperback changes comes a change to the Batwoman Hydrology trade paperback that collected the first six issues of that series helmed by artist-writer J. H. Williams and creative partners.

In the original version of panel featuring Bette Kane as Flamebird, Batwoman Kate Kane’s cousin, was seemingly part of the Teen Titans who battled Deathstroke (below left). In the Batwoman Hydrology collected edition that panel (see below right) is tweaked to remove that reference.

So, Flamebird was never a Teen Titan, she did battle Deathstroke, and may in fact have been part of a pre-Teen Titans teen team that included Nightwing, Starfire and Arsenal.

The old wording in the Batwoman #1 word balloon from Flamebird read: “I was a Teen Titan. I even fought Death-stroke.”

The amended word balloon in the Batwoman Hydrology collected edition now reads: “I was a Super Hero. I even fought Death-stroke.”

Yet, Deathstroke remains a foe she tangled with likely on a team not called the Teen Titans? Fun times.

Key your eyes out for Deathstroke on the small screen on two show on two channels! He will tangle with DC Nation’s Young Justice Invasion cast in 2013 and in November 2012 cross paths with CW’s Arrow (the title character modeled on Green Arrow)

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