DC Comics Convergence #8 Spoilers & Review: Brainiac’s Crisis On Infinite Earths & The Move From New 52 To DC You

Convergence Week Eight begins today and that means that DC Comics’ Convergence #8, the end of DC Comics big 2-month weekly event, hits stores today wrapping up the event!

Brainiac takes center’ish stage as Waverider frees him from his prison and the fate of the disparate heroes of DC Comics’ battleworld planet of Telos is revealed!

Convergence #8 Spoilers Preview 2B Convergence #8 Spoilers Preview 2CLeading in to DC Comics’ Convergence #8, via the below links, you can catch up on the happenings of the first 7 weeks of the core Convergence 2-month event weekly mini-series:

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Convergence #8 Spoilers Preview 1 Convergence #8 Spoilers Preview 2We also did Who’s Who type features of some of the lesser known yet prominent characters that have appeared in the Convergence weekly:

DC Comics’ Convergence #8 spoilers and review are below.

We learn how this Brainic came to be and how he/it culled worlds and timelines for his previously bottled collection.

Convergence #8 Spoilers 1 Convergence #8 Spoilers 2 Convergence #8 Spoilers 3

That trip down memory lane results in Brainiac wanting to set things right. His bottled cities includes heroes from doomed timelines as well as DC Comics’ multiverse. He / it wants to send everyone back, but he can’t. Those from the previous timelines in particular must be sent back to the First Crisis, the Crisis on Infinite Earths, to save the multiverse from collapsing. The Supergirl and Flash that died during COIE are joined by Parallax and others to save the multiverse.

Convergence #8 Spoilers 4 Convergence #8 Spoilers 5 Convergence #8 Spoilers 6

Presumably, the history of the DC Comics multiverse has changed; all old worlds and timelines seem to have existed. That will lead to some apparent tweaks of the current post DC New 52 multiverse and series that are now branded DC You.

Convergence #8 Spoilers 7

Brainiac untethers himself from the planet Telos which causes some kind of major sand storm to ravage the planet leaving…. a green planet in its wake? This planet moves from the core Earth 0 DC Comics Universe to the Earth 2 universe and becomes the home for Earth 2 Justice Society to be featured in the same named #1 and ongoing series in June 2015.

Also, this week’s full 8-page sneak peek for Earth 2: Society #1 is here.

Convergence #8 Spoilers 8 Convergence #8 Spoilers 9 Convergence #8 Spoilers 10

I’m curious to see how the the events of Convergence impact the post New 52 DC You multiverse. There will be tweaks, but what will those be? I’d also love to read a one-shot or something that shows how the Crisis of the Infinite Earths was changed with the addition of Parallax and the others. The COIE couldn’t and didn’t happen as we remember it.

So, what did you think of the core weekly Convergence series?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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