All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Spoilers: 62 New Series As 1 More Announced Post Secret Wars 2015 Heading Into NYCC 2015!

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Marvel Comics has been lighting the internet up revealing its post Secret Wars 2015 All-New All-Different Marvel branded new ongoing series. It was originally announced as approximately 55 to 60 titles launching between September 2015 and February 2016. However, the ongoing series announced so far put us over 60 so it could be actually 65 to 70 new series in that timeframe.

All-New All-Different Marvel branding 1

The announcements started during San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) International 2015, where Marvel executives also revealed 15 ongoing series to retailers without creative teams. Alongside that, Marvel Comics rolled out two hotly discussed teaser images with a collage of characters associated with, at the time, ongoing series that had yet to be announced (see above and below).

All-New All-Different Marvel branding 2

With that, to get you caught up, the ongoing comic book series and associated creative teams that have announced so far for the post Secret Wars 2015 All-New All-Different Marvel are below:

  • Initially announced 9 new series starting from September 2015;
  • Followed by a massive reveal of 36 new series in its September 2015 preview book;
  • 4 new series to launch between October 2015 and November 2015.
  • 3 new series as part 1 of its December 2015 shipping new series; and
  • 4 more new series to round-out December 2015’s new Marvel ongoing series.
  • 5 new series rolled out heading into Marvel’s January 2016 solicitations.

Spoilers follow leading into Marvel Comics January 2016 and possibly February 2016 solicitations.

Marvel has announced the following new ongoing series and creative team to be part of the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics new branding. Cover follows creative team.

  • Black Widow written by Daredevil’s Mark Waid with art by Chris Samnee.

ANAD Black Widow Marvel 1A

ANAD Black Widow Marvel 1B

This announcement still leaves at least 3 more teased series to be announced:

  • Citizen V or Thunderbolts series with him
  • Death’s Head likely featuring Death’s Head II
  • Iron Man series number two

I imagine the upcoming New York Comic Con 2015 / NYCC 2015 will have more All-New All-Different Marvel news.

As I noted earlier, Marvel has also announced net new series not teased. So, it sure seems that Marvel may have even more books to come so the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics new ongoing #1 series will involve at least 65 new ongoing series by the end of February 2016.

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