DC Comics & Batman: Three Jokers #2 Spoilers & Review: Many More DEAD Jokers! Mental Scars Of Red Hood & Batgirl Become More (Sexually) Acute? Plus Joe Chill Returns?!

DC Comics and Batman: Three Jokers #2 Spoilers and Review follows.

Many More DEAD Jokers! Mental Scars Of Red Hood & Batgirl Become More (Sexually) Acute? Plus Joe Chill Returns?!

The issue has a lot more variant covers on top of the above.

Plus the main cover.

So, it appears Jason Todd aka the second Robin aka Red Hood did kill one of three Jokers aka the Clown aka the third Joker last issue (full spoilers here); the other two Jokers are the Criminal aka the first Joker and the Comedian aka the second Joke. Yes, I know, lots of “aka’s”.

Batman aka Bruce Wayne is on the scene of a murder; not that Joker’s, but a judge’s, Judge Walls, at the hands of a Joker.

Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon joins Batman and Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon aka Barbara’s father, although he doesn’t know she’s Batgirl, at the scene.

She takes Batman away to tell him Jason Todd killed a Joker in cold blood as he was helpless, tied to a chair; Batman is more understanding and sympathetic than I would have expected for murder by a gun by one his ex Robins.

A clue at the crime scene of the Judge points them to Black Gate prison and an infirmed Joe Chill; he’s the presumed killer of Bruce Wayne’s parents all those years ago. However, it looks like the Joker put Batman on this path to Chill.

Elsewhere, Jason Todd finds a swimming pool of dead Jokers?!

As he attempts to dispose of the presumed macabre corpses, one the Joker’s surprises and subdues him!

It appears to be the Comedian Joker who…

…wonders why Jason Todd became the Red Hood one of the Joker’s first identities after seemingly dying at the Joker’s hands in classic Death in the Family storyline.

The Criminal Joker joins the fray where they both seem to want Jason Todd to be the next Joker; and they’ll beat that out of him without killing him because everything happens in threes?!

Batman and Batgirl end up at the spot where Jason Todd is to be attacked by more Jokers?!

In the skirmish, a Joker triggers Batman’s Batmobile recall which ends up plowing through the Jokers.

Batman and Batgirl find Red Hood who is not well mentally, but he’s alive.

Jason Todd is recuperating at Barbara Gordon’s apartment and sees her old wheelchair and pain management books. She too is suffering scars from her almost crippling encounter with a Joker in the classic Killing Joke story. She tells him of her struggles, where he finds kinship, and he kills her or do they kiss each other?!

She regrets the embrace, but tells him he and Batman regret not being their after his original ordeal with the Joker in the Death in the Family; however, they weren’t there because they thought he was dead. He seems comforted by that since one ever said hat to him in all these years.

Elsewhere, Batman continues to ponder the three Jokers while…

…the Comedian Joker seems to burning down parts or all of Blackgate Prison to…

…get a confession out of a dying Joe Chill about why he murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne?!

Next up is the finale in Batman: Three Jokers #3 which arrives on October 27 / 28, 2020.

The Pulse:

An emotional rollercoaster through a story weaved through Batman’s history rendered beautifully. 9 out of 10.

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