Top 5 DC Comics April 2014 Solicitations: New 52 41 Forever Evil Fallout With 8 Characters Debuts, 6 Series Cancellations, 4 New Ongoing Series Launches & More

DC Comics has finally released their April 2014 solicitations for their New 52 publishing initiative and beyond.

Below are the Top 5 clusters of DC solicitations! (A similar analysis of Marvel’s April solicits is available here.)

(5) 4 Series Launches

Looks like DC is launching 4 new ongoing series in April 2014:

(4) 6 Surprises

There were 6 solicits that surprised me in DC’s April 2014 New 52 solicits

(3) 6 Series Cancellations

There were 6 solicits that surprised me in DC’s April 2014 New 52 solicits

These first 3 were huge surprises, but when reading the solicitations, they make sense story-wise.

The next three cancellations were expected.

(2) 8 Characters Debuts

Despite all the cancellations and launches of ongoing New 52 series, there are also quite a few characters making their DC Comics New 52 introductions in April 2014.

(1) New 52?

After counting the cancelled titles and accounting for the new ongoing series, at the end of April DC Comics will actually be the New 41. They have 11 more ongoing series to launch to live up to the branding they launched with: New 52 = 52 ongoing series.

I raised the 52 counting issue in October 2011 as DC excluded its 5 mini-series from its inaugural New 52 advertisement checklist. As it turned out, limited series didn’t “count” for the New 52 branding. With that in mind, even 52 week spanning weekly maxi-series are not ongoing series. They are limited series so don’t count towards the New 52 branding.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome. 🙂

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