Aquaman And The Others #1 Spoilers: Why Does The Team Re-Form & What Is The Connection To The New 52: Futures End? (DC Comics In Review)

Spinning out of DC Comics’ New 52 Aquaman series, particularly its second arc “The Others” from writer Geoff Johns (collected in Aquaman Volume 2) , comes a new ongoing series Aquaman and the Others from writer Dan Jurgens. He’s joined by seeming new-comer penciller Lan Medina who does an amazing job with the debut issue of Aquaman and the Others #1.

The series brings the surviving members of The Others with a new member to solve a mystery where they’re at the heart of it. The book also had the first in-comic book debut of The New 52 Futures End.

Before, we get Aquaman and the Others #1 in more detail, let’s look back on some of news we know so far about The New 52 Futures End year-long weekly series.

SPOILERS for Aquaman and the Others #1 follow.

The book opens with an a quick explanation of the golden mystical Atlantean trinkets worn or wielded by “The Others” including Aquaman’s trident.

The issue shows that The Others’ golden weapons are not working. Aquaman seems to have an idea why they’re not working. The fact that someone has sent forces to round-up these golden weaponized trinkets have brought Aquaman and the Others together.

Vostok and Kahina the Seer – the original Others noted in the preceding page by Ya’Wara – died during the aforementioned Aquaman New 52 second arc. See below for their ends in 2012. It would appear that Sky Alchesay has assumed the mantle of Seer and Kahina’s golden Atlantean trinket weapon.

The big surprise to end Aquaman and The Others #1 was the fact that it ends with a lead into The New 52 Futures End #0.

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