Justice League United #1 Spoilers & Review With A New 52 Hero Maimed, A Villain’s Plan Unveiled & DC Comics Finally Puts The Word Canada On The Cover

Last month’s Justice League United #0 set up some interesting developments for its first “Justice League Canada” named arc. We learned who the big villain of the opening arc will be in that issue. We learn of this revamped classic villain’s plans in more detail this week.

Before we get to this week’s Justice League United #1, there are a few things you may want to know:

Justice League United #1 SPOILERS follow.

Well, fans get one variant with Justice League CANADA on the cover.

The issue features the origin of how Adam Strange gets his, um, strange costume. Plus while the heroes of a yet-to-officially-form Justice League Canada United seem to be holding their own with the big alien in Canada’s North, but they end up on the planet Rann (of classic Adam Strange infamy) with that threat in tow.

Last issue ended with Lobo facing a jailed Hawkman. In this issue, Lobo actually wins! He maims Hawkman (although imagine his Nth metal infused body will regroup that arm next issue). For the record, there are two Lobo’s in the DC New 52 as revealed during Villains’ Month; this is the “real one” and the “fake” one looks more classic.

We also see Byth, the villain of JLU revealed last issue, use his classic morphing ability to fool Alanna into thinking he was Adam Strange! Plus Byth’s plan is revealed. He wants to be a daddy???

You may remember an Ultra the Multi-Alien from the Silver Age. The character debuted in Mystery In Space #103.

No wonder the next issue of Justice League United #2 is called “Mystery In Space”.

I’m loving this new series. Writer Jeff Lemire is great at characterization, building suspense and telling really fun action-packed superhero space operas. Artist Mike McKone has been a fave of mine since the 1990s; any book he works on will be gorgeous. JLU is no exception.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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