DC Comics Unveils The New 52 Futures End Teaser With New Masked Superman, A New Robin For Batman & More Spoilers For Its #0 & #1 Kick-Off

Fans eagerly await the launch of DC Comics second year-long weekly maxi-series: The New 52 Futures End. It officially kicks off with a zero issue during May 2014’s Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). However, Futures End was actually stealthily kicked off in the cliff-hanger page to Aquaman and the Others #1 earlier this month.

To continue the build to DC’s The New 52 Futures End #0 and issue #1 to follow, the company has released one its patented teaser images with clues of things to come.

It is similar in approach that they employed for their first year-long maxi-series Batman Eternal which kicked off in a big way in Batman Eternal #1’s cliff-hanger page.

DC also adopted the same teaser approach when it announced its third weekly series called Earth 2: World’s End.

Before we get to DC’s newest teaser puzzle, let’s get you caught up with what we know so far about The New 52 Futures End year-long weekly series:

Here’s the new teaser for DC Comics’ The New 52 Futures End.

SPOILERS follow.

What do you make of it? There’s Batman, Robin and Booster Gold, the “original” New 52 Stormwatch, Grifter, Mister Terrific and a Terrific team, Firestorm, the Bleed, a masked Superman and a lot more.

I’ve taken a crack at annotating the teaser per the below. Do you have any other spoilers and characters to identify from it?

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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