Nashville Spoilers: Hayden Panettiere's Pregnancy Being Written Into Show, Who Will Be The Father Of Juliet's Baby... Avery Or Jeff?

Nashville writers have decided to use Hayden Panettiere's real-life pregnancy as a storyline for the show. »»

Nashville Spoilers: Will Show Kill Off Rayna's Sister As Judith Hoag Says She Is Leaving Show?

Will Rayna's sister be killed off Nashville when the show returns this Fall? »»

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Will Henry Recognize Frozen Characters?

As we know, the new season of Once Upon A Time will heavily focus on a Frozen-themed story arc and it can now be confirmed that the plot will be unlike past Once storylines. »»

Nashville Spoilers: Dancing With The Stars' Pro Dancer Derek Hough Joins ABC Drama

Derek Hough has always left the acting to his sister, but it appears the Dancing With The Stars vet has Hollywood ambitions of his own. »»

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Season 11 To Have A Meredith-Centric Focus, Time-Jump Planned To Start Season

If you aren't a Meredith fan on Grey's Anatomy, you might want to skip the next season of the show entirely. »»

NCIS Spoilers: Tony & Ziva To Reunite Despite New Love Interest For Tony?

While NCIS fans of Tony & Ziva were concerned about a new love interest for their favourite guy... there is now hope. While the show's executive producer said that DiNozzo would be getting a new love interest and that the door was always open for »»

Scandal Spoilers: Show Casts New Power Couple As Mary McCormack & Josh Randall Join Upcoming Season

Mary McCormack and Josh Randall are joining Scandal's fourth season. »»

True Blood Spoilers: Sookie Faces Life Without Bill, Sam Makes Choice

The logline for the series finale of True Blood has been released and as has been hinted at all season long, the end will prominently feature Sookie's relationship with Bill. »»

American Horror Story Spoilers: Freak Show Casts 'World's Smallest Person' & Guinness World Record Holder To Join New Season

American Horror Story: Freak Show showrunner Ryan Murphey made a very big announcement today about a very small person. »»

New Girl Spoilers: Kaitlin Olson Cast To Play Bob's Fiancee

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Kaitlin Olson has just landed her latest role. »»

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Who Did Hook Trade His Ship To?

Once Upon A Time fans who are wondering who Hook traded his ship to, just might have to wait a little longer to find out. »»

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Zach Wins POV, Victoria Has Breakdown Because Of Derrick's Deception

After basically calling out Frankie to his face and being depressed for the last few days in the house... Zach needed to win the POV and he did. »»

American Horror Story Spoilers: Freak Show To Feature Gabourey Sidibe In Complete Different Role

If you thought you knew Gabourey Sidibe's character on American Horror Story, think again. »»

True Blood Spoilers: Will Arlene & Keith Live Happily Ever After, Most Anticipated Sex Scene In Show's History Expected Soon

True Blood fans looking for scoop on the final few episodes, you're in luck. »»

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Juicy Info About The Show's New Villain

TVD fans who have been thirsting for info on the show's new bad guy are in luck because we finally have some details. »»

Revenge Spoilers: Which Version Of David Clarke Will Return?

Revenge fans know that David Clarke has been brought back to life on the ABC drama and now James Tupper is speaking out about what fans can expect. »»

Nashville Spoilers: Gunnar's Ex To Arrive In Town With Child

Well, this will certainly give Gunnar something to sing about. »»

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Battle Of The Block Fallout, Frankie Reveals Who He Is, Caleb Thinks He Can Date Ariana Grande, Nicole Upset Because She 'Nominated Someone Famous'

If you are looking for the fallout from Sunday's Battle of the Block competition and can't wait until Wednesday's episode to find out what happened, we have you covered. »»

Better Call Saul Spoilers: Full Cast Revealed, Details On Breaking Bad Prequel's Direction

If you wondered what Saul Goodman's family was like on Breaking Bad, you don't have to wait too much longer to find out. »»

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