Teen Wolf Spoilers: Tyler Posey Previews What's Ahead

In a recent interview, Tyler Posey promises that the next season of Teen Wolf will feature something that the show has never done. »»

Supernatural Spoilers: Sheriff Jody To Team Up With Sheriff Donna As Kim Rhodes Returns

Jody Mills is set to return to Supernatural and this time, she will have a partner-in-crime. »»

Downton Abbey Spoilers: Major Changes Ahead

Things are about to change on Downton Abbey. »»

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Amelia Will Be Affected By What Happens To Jackson & April's Baby

While Grey's Anatomy fans wait to see what will happen to Jackson and April's baby, it appears there child will have a profound affect on the younger Shepherd. »»

Awkward Spoilers: Is It Too Late For Jenna & Matty To Reunite?

In tonight's Awkward season finale, Lacey delivered an honest speech to Matty leaving fans wondering if all hope for a Jenna and Matty reunion is lost. »»

Awkward Season 5 Spoilers: More Nudity Ahead?

Awkward's fourth season just wrapped up, but we already have some news on the show's fifth season. »»

Awkward Spoilers: How Does Jenna Really Feel About Becoming A Big Sister?

Tonight's episode of Awkward has fans buzzing and we have some answers. »»

Dancing With The Stars 2014 Spoilers: Who Won The Mirrorball Trophy?

Here are your results from tonight's Dancing With The Stars finale! »»

Parks And Recreation Spoilers: Mayor Gunderson Not Expected To Ever Be Seen On Series

While not much is known about the final season of Parks and Recreation, we do know that one character that fans have been waiting to see will likely remain unseen. »»

Orphan Black Spoilers: Grimm, Lost Girl, Warehouse 13 Vets Sign On For Season 3

Orphan Black will have plenty of new faces to join Tatiana Maslany in Season 3. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Gabriel Make It Through Mid-Season Finale?

Is Father Gabriel around for the long haul? »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Where Is Father Gabriel Running To?

On Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, Father Gabriel decided to run away from the church and now we know where he is going. »»

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Will The Keating 4 Turn On Each Other To Save Themselves?

In a recent interview, the show's EP Peter Nowalk discussed how Wes, Michaela, Laurel and Connor will likely turn on each other as they try to protect their own self-interests versus the group's with regard to Sam's murder. »»

Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Abraham Delivers Particularly Poignant Line In Tonight's Fall Finale

Ichabod and Abraham will reunite in tonight's episode of Sleepy Hollow and according to Neil Jackson, there is one line that will be remembered. »»

Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Ichabod & Abraham To Meet Again For The First Time Since Jaw-Dropping Duel

Sleepy Hollow's fall finale will air in two parts with the first segment airing tonight. »»

Gotham Spoilers: Barbara Gordon's Lesbian Affair To Revert Her Back To Her Past Life Without Jim

For fans of Gotham who were confused by Barbara Gordon hooking back up with Montoya at the end of last week's episode, we are about to see a totally different side of Jim Gordon's love interest. »»

Gotham Spoilers: Selina & Bruce's 'Romance' To Continue In Tonight's Fall Finale Episode

If you couldn't get enough of the electric chemistry between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (before they respectively transform into Batman and Catwoman), expect a lot more on tonight's fall finale episode. »»

Gotham Spoilers: Arkham Asylum Confirmed To Be Major Character In FOX Drama

While Arkham Asylum will house many adversaries for Jim Gordon, the mental institution itself will be a major character in the rest of the freshman drama's first season. »»

True Detective Season 2 Spoilers: Rachel McAdams Officially Joins Cast

The rumors can finally be laid to rest. »»

Jane The Virgin Spoilers: What Does Jane's Mother Think About Her Daughter's Reunion With Rafael?

After Jane and Rafael had a steamy kiss in the last episode of Jane The Virgin, it appears Xiomara is suspicious. »»

Parks And Recreation Spoilers: Mad Men's Jon Hamm Set To Return To Comedy

Jon Hamm is coming back to Parks and Rec. »»

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: Show's Format To Change When Drama Returns, No More Flash Forward Gimmicks

The poignant manner in which How To Get Away With Murder writers decided to use the Flash Forward technique to tell the story of Sam's murder is something that fans won't see again. »»

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: When Did Writers Decide Wes Would Be The Killer? Were Others Considered?

In a recent interview, How To Get Away With Murder showrunner Peter Nowalk revealed that the initial plan was to have Laurel kill Sam, but that this was changed to Wes after the writers developed the story arc for 'Wait List.' »»

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How The Murder Change Wes?

On last night's episode of How To Get Away With Murder, it was revealed that Wes was the one who killed Sam and the murder will have a profound effect on the show's most innocent character. »»

How To Get Away With Murder Spoilers: How Much Did Annalise Really Know About Her Husband's Death?

You can be forgiven if you still need to pick your jaw up off the floor after last night's shocking How To Get Away With Murder fall finale. »»

The Mentalist Spoilers: Series To End With New 'Lazarus' Serial Killer

New details have emerged about how the series finale of The Mentalist will play out. »»

Jane The Virgin Spoilers: Will Luisa Return?

If you're wondering what happened to Rafael's sister on Jane The Virgin, wonder no more. »»

Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Orion To Be Welcomed By Abbie, What Does This Mean For Ichabod?

A new Sleepy Hollow character will be welcomed by Abbie but might cause some issues for Ichabod. »»

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