Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Will Gemma's Fall From Grace Include Nero Cheating With Wendy?

Many Sons of Anarchy fans have noticed how close Wendy and Nero have been getting and they have bonded over their respective issues with drug abuse. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Now That Wendy & Jax Are On Good Terms, Will She Tell Him That Gemma Was Hiding Juice?

In a recent interview, Drea de Matteo talked about how her relationships with the Tellers are changing and whereas she once trusted Gemma, it appears she now can trust her former lover as well. »»

Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Drea De Matteo Says Series Finale Might Be Finale In Television History

If this doesn't get you excited for the Sons of Anarchy series finale, I don't know what will... »»

Arrow Spoilers: Is Thea Faking It? Does She Know Oliver Is The Arrow?

One of the more popular Arrow theories making the rounds is that Thea knows that her brother is the man under the hood but has been lying about it to him. »»

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Did Amy Say 'I Love You' Back To Sheldon?

Last week, Big Bang Theory fans were shocked by Sheldon telling Amy that he loved her. »»

Arrow Spoilers: First Look At Katie Cassidy In Her Black Canary Uniform

We all knew it was coming and with Sara's death it was a certainty. »»

The Blacklist Spoilers: Super Bowl Episode To Feature Debut Of Major New Character

Now that Red's 'protector' is dead on The Blacklist, it's time to meet some of the other members of the elite and powerful group. »»

Downton Abbey Spoilers: Will Matthew Goode Leave The Good Wife For PBS Drama?

Will Matthew Goode leave The Good Wife for Downton Abbey? »»

Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Why Did Abbie Get Picked To Be A Witness?

While the reasons for Ichabod being selected as a Witness are obvious, fans of Sleepy Hollow have remained clueless about why Abbie was picked for the job... until now. »»

Elementary Spoilers: Will Mycroft Or Irene Return?

For fans wondering if Mycroft or Moriarty will return to the show, we have some answers. »»

Parenthood Spoilers: Family To Bond Over One Big Issue As Series Wraps Up

Parenthood fans have been preparing to say goodbye for the last few weeks and now we have more information about how the show will meet its ultimate conclusion. »»

The Good Wife Spoilers: How Will Alicia & Frank's Debate Play Out? Plus Scoop On Incoming New Characters

Apparently the war of words between Frank and Alicia will take place in a kitchen. »»

Supernatural Spoilers: #Supernatural200thEpisode Trends As Chuck Returns

The internet is abuzz as the 200th episode of Supernatural just concluded. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Eugene's Revelation To Inherently Turn Survivors Darker As There Is No Longer Any Hope?

In a recent interview, Josh McDermitt was asked to explain Eugene's revelation that he isn't a scientist in a broader context and what his confession means to the rest of the group. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Josh McDermitt Reveals When He Learned That Eugene Would Be Outed As A Liar

TV fans are still buzzing about Eugene's admission that he has been lying about being a scientist the entire time. »»

Criminal Minds Spoilers: Gideon Returns... But There's A Twist

Gideon might be returning to Criminal Minds, but that doesn't mean Mandy Patinkin is. »»

The Flash Spoilers: Preview Of Tonight's Episode As Kelly Frye Discusses Plastique's Debut & Cisco's Crush, Plus Why Is Barry Naked?

The Flash returns to The CW tonight and the episode marks the debut of Plastique. »»

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: When Will Owen & Amelia Hook Up?

It's clear both Hunt and Shepherd (Amelia!) need a little love in their loves and this has led to speculation that a romantic pairing of the two is on the horizon. »»

Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Amelia Shepherd's Alcoholic Past Resurfaces In This Week's Episode

This week, the secret that Amelia Shepherd has been trying to keep will finally be revealed. »»

Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spoilers: What Ended Bobbi's Marriage To Lance Hunter?

In a recent interview, Adrianne Palicki discussed her character on Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: What Was Abraham's Internal Reaction When Eugene Confessed?

While we saw Abraham unleash his fists of fury on last night's episode of The Walking Dead when Eugene confessed that he wasn't a scientist, there was more to the story. »»

The Good Wife Spoilers: Chris Elliott Cast To Play 'Fake' Frank Prady

Comedian Chris Elliott is headed to The Good Wife to play a character we are all familiar with. »»

Chicago Fire Spoilers: Shaft Cast As Boden's Dad

Shaft is coming to NBC... in a way. »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Michael Cudlitz Explains Abraham's Horrifying Backstory In The Comics, & How Show Treated What Happened

Last night's episode left out graphic details of why Abraham killed the unknown assailant with a soup can. Now we know why... »»

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Abraham Give Eugene A Pass For His Lie?

In a recent interview with EW, Michael Cudlitz discussed last night's episode of The Walking Dead where Eugene revealed that he has been lying about his mission and that he has no idea how to save humanity. »»

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