MTV Mix - Volume 74

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The Hills returns next week, but that means we have some business take care of. Namely the finale of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III and the last episode of Making of the Band 4 that I will cover in the Mix. So lets jump right in because Spring has arrived and the water is starting to warm up... »»

MTV Mix - Volume 73

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You know what time it is. Get on your dancing shoes and tip, tap, your way to your television set. Get ready for another week of MTV action featuring all your favorite celebreality friends, and even some enemies... »»

MTV Mix - Volume 72

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It's "Thriller" week on MTV, sort of. At least to close out this mix it was. But before all of that dancing, we have singing, skating, "best of" moments craziness, and drama, of course. What else you would expect on MTV. Lets get to mixing... »»

MTV Mix - Volume 71

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What do the words "26 Days", "Divorce", "Sacred Geometry", "Foreshadowing", and "Movie" have in common? Well they all have something to do with a show that is currently airing on MTV "After Dark". They are just pieces of the puzzle that make up the "MTV Mix" as well. See how they all fit together now... »»

MTV Mix - Volume 70

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We are one month away from the return of MTV's most popular show today. Yes, The Hills returns for the second half of their third season and we will finally get to see what happened in Paris and beyond. But until then, we still have PLENTY to keep you entertained. It's Monday night singing, Tuesday night comedy and family drama, Wednesday night Gauntleting, and Thursday night dancing. Only on MTV and only right here in the Mix... »»

MTV Mix - Volume 69

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More of the same this week, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. You know the drill. You want your MTV and you want it now! You've come to the right place. Enjoy another FRESH mix...

MTV Mix - Volume 68

We have a full roster once again! Monday-Thursday is back to having MTV goodness. We're singing, dancing, breaking world records, winning money, stirring up drama, and making out with random people this week. But what else is new. It's an all new »»

Mtv Mix - Volume 67

We have the return of new season of Making the Band 4! Diddy is making three albums at once with his new music sensations. Should be fun! Also, Rob & Big, Life of Ryan, and The Gauntlet III just keep moving along. Next week we return with a full h »»

MTV Mix - Volume 66

Another short week this week, but we do get the return of a MTV POWERHOUSE show. That's right the newest edition of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge is here. This time it's "The Gauntlet 3" and this looks to be the most dramatic challenge ever. »»

MTV Mix - Volume 65

A short week this week as we only had three shows. But next week another BIG MTV show returns. For now, enjoy all of the comedy and some drama on Life of Ryan, Rob & Big, and Run's House. Mix it up! SHOW REVIEWS TUESDAY Life of Ryan Ryan »»

MTV Mix - Volume 64

Two shows return this week with more on the way in the coming weeks. So it's time once again to catch with that boy named Ryan and our best friends, Rob & Big. Also, we say goodbye to another season of MTV's flagship show. Yes, it is time to leave »»

MTV Mix - Volume 44

This week we only have four shows to cover, but that includes the finale of Reunited: The Real World Vegas. So it will be a little slow for the next couple of weeks after this one, but next month we have the return of The Hills and the new season »»

MTV Mix - Volume 43

I'm back to bring you all the action that went down this past week on MTV. That includes our regular 5 shows in rotation at the moment of Making the Band 4, Reunited: The Real World Vegas, Rob & Big, Wild N' Out, AND the finale of the Real World/R »»

MTV Mix - Volume 42

We are back on schedule and I'm back on time. This week I cover the five shows that are currently airing in primetime on MTV. At least the only five shows that are remotely interesting. There are shows such as My Super Sweet 16, Engaged and Undera »»

MTV Mix - Volume 41 - "The Rob & Big Remix Edition"

It's time for one last special "Remix" Edition of the "MTV Mix". This edition features a new show, but its first season was a surprise hit on MTV. It's a modern day odd couple. It's about a skateboarder and his bodyguard, who happen to be best fri »»

MTV Mix - Volume 27

Once again we have 7 shows on 4 days to talk about this week. That includes the usual lineup of I'm From Rolling Stone, The Hills, DanceLife, The Real World: Denver, Maui Fever, along with the launch special for the new season of Road Rules: Viewe »»

MTV Mix - Volume 24

We continue to get caught up by going back to the week of December 18 through December 21. Here we had the usual along with saying goodbye to one show. So enjoy all four of these shows as it's last you will see them all together like this... S »»

MTV Mix - Volume 23

After a long break, it's time to get back in busy. A lot of stuff has been going down on MTV and I have not been fully covering all the action. Have no fear, though, I'm back to get you all caught up. It may take a little bit, but before we can mo »»

MTV Mix - Volume 22

We add a new show this week and it's one that is close to my heart. Why? Well, you'll have to find out later. But because there are four solid shows on the air right now for MTV. I have decided to skip out on one show that I don't like at all. You »»

MTV Mix - Volume 21

Not many shows to review this week. At least not many I want to review, but there is four here. That should be good enough, especially when you have the "all-star" lineup of The Real World: Denver and the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel! »»

MTV Mix - Volume 20

This week we only four shows to review, but this week also marked the return of The Real World. The 18th season kicked off in Denver, Colorado and it was filled with sex and sex and sex and more sex along with everything else you expect from the s »»

MTV Mix - Volume 19

It's time for another week with MTV! We throw in some transformations. Stir in some samples of true life. Add a pinch of Laguna for one last time. A little shake of some challenging stuff. And then top it all off with a little black pepper that yo »»

MTV Mix - Volume 18

Last week I was busy with a successful "Yo Momma" Week, so I didn't have time to put out a MTV Mix. As a result, you get back-to-back weeks of DOUBLE-STUFFED "MTV Mixes". This week I will cover two episodes of Made, one episode of True Life, thr »»

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