DC Comics’ The New 52 Futures End #2 Spoilers & Review With Batman MIA, Masked Superman’s Debut, Lois Lane & A Funeral For A Friend

Following on the heels of the explosive “official” kick off of The New 52 Futures End on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) with issue #0 and last week’s #1 issue with an equally explosive cliffhanger, comes issue #2 of this weekly series.

DC’s two other weekly series are Batman: Eternal and Earth 2: World’s End.

Before we get into my spoilers-filled review of DC Comics’ The New 52 Futures End #2, here’s what you may like to know about how DC appears to have laid the groundwork for it:

SPOILERS follow for DC Comics’ The New 52 Futures End #2:

There’s been a lot of death in Futures End so far. Issue #0 saw the maiming and death of Bruce Wayne / Batman from 35 years in DC Comic’s future. Issue #1 saw the death of Stormwatch’s Apollo, the death of Stormwatch itself, and the graphic death of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow.

Futures End #2 features the funeral for Green Arrow. Batman isn’t present which seems to set DC’s twitterverse in a tizzy with all manner of hashtags. In addition, this issue also features the on-page debut of the future’s masked Superman (we also see him on the book’s cover above).

There’s a bitter fight between Arsenal, looking very Red Arrow, and Firestorm. It seems the hero community is aware that it was likely Firestorm’s selfishness that led to Green Arrow’s death as seen last issue. Plus the Masked Superman speaks… a bit.

The shadowy figure at the bottom right panel above sets up another mystery with Lois Lane. That subplot ends the issue in dramatic fashion.

The book is end-capped with the same teaser type approach from last issue previewing next week’s The New 52 Futures End #3.

Could that shadowed figure in the bar, be the bearded chap in the teaser preview above? Is that the Bruce Wayne / Batman MIA of 5 years into the future?

Overall, I’m liking the frenetic energy of this issue. There’s a lot going in the issue with action, mystery, drama and more infused in a superhero yarn.

Thanks for reading. All feedback welcome.

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