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  • Pull List Roundtable – 5/6/2015 – Secret Wars #1, Convergence Week 5, Dead Drop #1 (Spoilers Free)

    Double the events, double the load on your wallet!

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  • Forever Heel: I Quit, and 8 Other Nonsense Gimmicked Matches Plus Top 5 Mick Foley Heel Gimmicks

    Ugh. WWE is putting Cena in another "I Quit" match. Heels always lose "I Quit", and Cena has one like 20 million of them. It's not the worst gimmi

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  • Secret Wars 2015 & More Roundtable: Marvel Comics July 2015 Solicitations Pick Over With Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, Star Wars & More Spoilers!

    Marvel's July 2015 offerings sifted through!

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  • Lucha Underground 04/29/15 Review/Results

    Lucha....Lucha....Lucha....Lucha.... Hey guys welcome back.... Lucha Underground is back once again on the El Rey network, lets get into the sh

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