Daredevil Season 2 Ep-By-Ep Recaps With Penny; Episode 12 “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”

Spoilers ahoy as always.

We open with a flashback to Elektra’s training. She appears to be 11, maybe 12. A group of older boys attack her as Stick observes, until he stops the fight to correct the way she holds her wrists. He restarts the fight but ends up having to pull her off one boy. He explains that she needs to control whatever it is inside her that burns so dark. Back in the present Elly is attacking him, and he’s taunting her. Matt arrives to stop them as they continue to taunt each other, then OF COURSE the Hand shows up and they have to team up, but the Hand kidnaps Stick and leave Matt and Elly to themselves. Matt tries to convince her to help him save Stick, but she still only wants to kill him. And she’ll kill Matt if he stops her again. End of the cold open.

After the credits it’s daytime at the boat on the pier, and cops are still recovering bodies and heroin. Karen hasn’t left. Foggy’s friend wants her to go home and rest. He’s sure Frank is dead. She isn’t. Matt and Foggy run into each other at the office as they’re both packing up. They help each other figure a few last things out then go their separate ways. Matt enters some abandoned railway tunnels and listens for anything odd. Karen wants to give up on the story since everyone is dead, but the editor tricks her into seeing why she still needs to tell Frank’s story. She tries to brainstorm and he basically hires her, telling her the paper is her home now.

Matt is attacked in the tunnels by Hand ninjas but dispatches them easily enough. Karen goes to talk to the general Frank served under. She wants to know how he was as a person. But after talking awhile she realizes the general is the Blacksmith, and the general pulls a gun on her and insists she leave. Matt meanwhile is close enough to Stick now to hear him talk, and Stick tells him to listen for the ninjas breathing, saying even they eventually have to exhale. It works and he kicks their asses, but Nobu’s associates just start torturing Stick to get him to tell him where “it” is.

The general leads her to her car, but when she starts it, Castle’s song is playing, and Karen knows he’s alive. The car is rammed clear off the road shortly thereafter.

Matt saves Stick, and Elektra shows up not long after. Then Nobu shows up and tells Elektra SHE is the Black Sky, and he and the Hand all bow. Flashbacks show how long Stick’s been trying to protect her from her destiny. And in the end she tells Matt and Stick to leave. Matt tells her to kill him and she can’t. He finally gets through to her and they all escape.

Karen gets out of the car to examine the crash scene. The general/Blacksmith and Frank are gone. He’s lead the Blacksmith into the woods to kill him. Karen tries to talk him out of it but he shuts a cabin door on her, not listening. He kills the man who got his family killed, and that’s the end of it. Karen hears the shot and can only sob.

Stick and Elektra rest in a tunnel and Stick explains Matt is trying to save Elektra’s soul. Frank discovers a secret arsenal hidden in the general’s cabin. Matt is stil fighting the Hand trying to escape. He runs into Nobu again and this time Matt outright kills him without hesitation. Except Nobu gets back up after Matt leaves, and tells his ninjas that  Daredevil must die.

That’s it for episode12. Check back soon for the finale!


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